20/01/2018 — 3/03/2018

OPEN 2018

OPEN 2018 (installation view)


Grundy Art Gallery's 2018 exhibition programme opens with the gallery once again lifting the lid on artistic production in Blackpool and along the Fylde Coast.


Demonstrating the wealth and breadth of creative activity happening on the Fylde Coast, Grundy’s 2018 Open exhibition returns with over 100 artworks by artists of all ages, living and working on the Fylde Coast which were submitted through this years open call. 


With no selection process and installed in the gallery in the date order in which the applications were received, the display has been guided by an open and light-touch, mirroring the aims of the Open.



OPEN 2018 features works by;

Richard Jon, J.Denise Keen-Junk, Mr Gary Constantine, John Longworth, Peter Oldendorp, Michael Chung, Roy Rajan, John Haines, Zoey Devaney, David Dennison, Aidan Bradley, Paul Bradley, Neil Thomas, Al Richard, Robin Ross, Christopher Mackey, Charlotte Collier, Lynda M Cockshott, Catherine Stubbs, John Marc Allen, John Bentham, Marianne Van Lou, James Loy, David Hargreaves, Gary Armer, Maureen Adams, Annie Tapper, Richard McCann, Frank Drake, Kate Yates, Michael Lonsdale, Dawn Mander, Pam Armstrong, Mike Williams, Jill Reidy, Mark Hetherington, Alex Fleming, Brendan Bunting, Sarah Ascough, Mark Standing, Terry Robinson, Gloria Gee, Michelle O Connor, Shanddon Blunden, Hebe Burke, Mathew Jones, Julie Robinson-Southward, William Cummings, Steven Robert Bruce, Ian Fraser, Andy Austin, Leo Smyth, Jackie Morris, David Pennington, Kirsty McEvoy, Margaret Cross, Carole Nuttall, Radka Palmer, Shirley Hill, Caroline  Radley, Aaron Meehan, Kenneth Weigh, Gillian A Geddes, Simon Ray, Samantha Hobbs, Mike Bullock, Paul Berry, Linda Copeland, Barbara Yates, Judith Taylor, Carol Ann Sanderson, Richard Hardwick, Laura Simpson, Sam Simpson, Gabrielle Craven, Paul Heywood, Juliette Gregson, Laura Green, Nick Steel, Dawn Hughes, Beata Kuczynska, Monika Mrozowska, Kelly Wright, Michael Cassidy, Glyn Rodberd, Jeanette Rodberd, Leslie Edwards, Diana Zwibach-Febland, Tali Febland, David B Midgley, Darren Robert Thomas, Ann Worsnip, Robert Sanderson, Daisy Jones, Gustavo Ferro, Hubert Mrozowski, Phil McDade, Dan Tirels, Mr. B Offended, Deborah Wright, Ammie Shipton, Katharine Lovejoy, Gareth Monger, Elys Kent, Kera Moden, Alison Roaf and Amy Jade Cartmell