8/05/2018 — 12/05/2018


Amy Stephens

Amy Stephens, 'Mini Landscape for...' (2018)

Courtesy: the artist

Exploring a minimalist approach to sculpture, Amy Stephens reclaims objects and imagery from the native landscape.

Predominantly intuitive, her assemblages range from wood, plaster, metal and Perspex
that are suggestive of urban living. Materials are carefully sourced,chosen and collected to create a precise balance and specific narrative. Each work then evolves through a series of stages, with successive layers gaining density until the final form emerges.

The artist's process relies on the appropriation of existing materials from previous artworks forcing the work to often resist the finite. This spirit of continuity is at the heart of the fig-futures project, which sees artists re-imagining existing works or formulating new ones for the contexts that the Grundy and Blackpool provide.

For her fig-futures presentation, a rock entitled 'something. anything. everything' draws from the last artwork made for the artist's fig-2 exhibition. This physical object bound with fluorescent tape, makes reference to the Blackpool Illuminations. Within the space, site specific structures become activated by architectural steel frames, photographs and objects from around the town. Mini abstract landscapes of local historical sites are depicted using Perspex and Polaroids. Throughout her work, there is a continuous movement from sculpture to architecture and back to sculpture.


fig-futures is a programme of 16, week-long exhibitions across four venues around the UK in 2018 and 2019, and draws on the same curatorial framework as fig-2 at the ICA Studio, London in 2015. Grundy Art Gallery is the first institution to exhibit as part of programme across May 2018. For more information visit fig2.co.uk

fig-futures, supported by Arts Council England, Art Fund and Outset.