29/07/2020 — 5/09/2020

For Your Health and Pleasure

Levi Lumb, Marton Mere (c.1942)

© the copyright holder. Courtesy: Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool.


Grundy Art Gallery is excited to announce its re-opening on 29 July 2020 with a new exhibition ‘For Your Health and Pleasure’. The title of the exhibition takes inspiration from a heritage postcard, extolling the virtues of a visit to Blackpool.

The exhibition, drawn entirely from Grundy Art Gallery’s collection, is devised as a ‘simple show for complex times’. Starting with the small painting, ‘View From My Window’ (1937) by one of gallery’s founders, Cuthbert Grundy, the exhibition unfolds as a travelogue - of sorts - showcasing how landscape and overseas travel are represented in the gallery’s collection.


'For Your Health and Pleasure' features works from the Grundy Collection by: 

Frederick Appleyard, Antony Ayrton, Delmar Harmood Banner, Nina Blaker, Charles Ernest Cundall, Geoffrey Scowcroft Fletcher, Stanhope Alexander Forbes, F. H. Glasbury, Cuthbert Cartwright Grundy, John Relph Greenhow Grundy, George Houston, Sir Herbert Edwin Pelham Hughes-Stanton, Samuel Henry William Llewellyn, Maximilien Luce, Levi Lumb, David Murray, Adelsteen Normann, Albert Julius Olsson, Patricia Ramsay, Georg Anton Rasmussen, Eric Ravilious, Algernon Talmage, Julian Trevelyan, John Michael Wilshart, William Thomas Wood.


The exhibition is be supported by a remotely delivered programme of engagement activity.


Grundy has worked with four contemporary artists; Serena Korda, Flora Yin-Wong, Ashley Holmes and Seohye Lee, who have developed soundscapes inspired by artworks in our current exhibition For Your Health and Pleasure.

Listen/Stream here: https://soundcloud.com/grundyartgallery/sets/foryourhealthandpleasure


8/05/2020 — 31/08/2020

Amber Akaunu

Postcards from Home

To help you keep in touch with loved ones during this period of isolation, Grundy Art Gallery has commissioned artist Amber Akaunu to produce an updated version of the postcard. The digital postcards created by the artist have been designed to be sent through email or smartphones, rather than through the post.

Postcards are an enduring part of Blackpool’s heritage, the seaside town is famously well-known as a tourist destination and holiday resort. As thousands of visitors would visit Blackpool for their summer holidays they would send postcards home to family and friends with slogans such as, ‘wish you were here’. Sending a postcard was a way of keeping in touch using a simple message accompanied by an image of a famous holiday destination or a picturesque landscape scene.

Our digital postcard scenes have been updated with images of areas around the home; the traditional beach scene has been replaced with a back garden, in place of the Blackpool Tower we have a welcoming living room scene.

As we are currently unable to welcome visitors into our home, we can still share the sentiment that we wish they were here.


You can find out more about Amber's practice and view the p0stcards here: https://www.amberakaunu.com/illustration